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Step-by-Step Guide for Windows 7 and Vista
Method A. (~2 minutes) Step 0. > A. Windows Installer > Step 15-17 > connected
Method B. (~4 minutes) Step 0. > B. Manual Setup > connected
Step 0. Set DNS: As figures below, click [Start] > [Control Panel] > [View network status and tasks]
> [Local Area Connection / Wireless Network Connection (all of them if you have both)]
> [Properties] > [Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)] > [Properties]

Click [Use the following DNS addresses:], add and as your DNS, [OK] > [Close]

Method A. Windows Installer:
Download with the link here: http://ukustvpanda.com/f/Win64_C
(If an error message pops up, some users may require the Win32 version: http://ukustvpanda.com/f/Win32_C )

Install, select [My use only] and tick [Add a shortcut on the desktop], then [OK]
Login with the "User name" and Password" in your Account Information Email (as B1 below)
Then follow Step 15 below (same as Method B) to watch TV shows online

Method B. Manual Setup is as follows:
1. Check the "Internet Address", "User name" and "Password" in your Account Information Email
2. Click [Start] > [Control Panel]
3. Click [Network and Internet] on Control Panel
4. Click [Network and Sharing Center] on "Network and Internet"

5. Click [Set up a new connection or network]

For Windows Vista, Click [Set up a new connection or network] as below

6. Click [Connect to a workplace] and then click [Next]
7. Click [No, create a new connection] and click [Next]
8. Click [Use my Internet connection (VPN)]
9. Enter "Internet Address" in the box below as stated in your Account Email, and enter a name for this VPN connection e.g. UKTV, then tick the box [Don't connect now] and click [Next]
10. Enter "User name" and "Password" in the box below as stated in your Account Email, tick [Remember this password], and click [Create]
11. Click [Close]
12. At the bottom-right of your Windows, click the "Network" icon and [Connect] UKUSTV
13. Select [Properties]
14. In "Security" tab, select [PPTP] and click [OK]
15. Click [Connect]

At this point, your computer is connecting to our VPN server. If it fails to connect or error message pops up, please check your "User name"/"Password" and try again.

If you receive Error 806, Error 619 etc message, the firewall of your anti-virus software or broadband router is blocking your traffic from reaching our VPN server,
click here for our suggestions

If the matter persists, email us at cs@ukustvpanda.com ,
we have a special arrangement for you.

16. After a successful verification, you can see "Connected" of UKTV by clicking the network icon as shown below at the right bottom corner of your Windows

17. Open your web browser (Firefox is recommended) and visit:
BBC iPlayer: http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/tv or Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/
Now you can enjoy your favourite UK and US TV programmes

Trouble Shooting:
a. Seeing message "... TV Programmes are available to play in the UK/US only, ..."
b. Video box freezes or crashes
c. Buffering (it's normal to buffer 1 or 2 times in the first minute and it should then smooth out)
Click here for our suggestions. If a matter persists, email us at cs@ukustvpanda.com

18. After watching, click [Disconnect]
19. When you want to watch UK TV programmes next time, click [Connect] of UKTV VPN and visit BBC iPlayer or ITV Player with a web browser
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